Darren Weirich

Co-founder of Two Sticks Creative, Darren has been in the design business since he was 14, when he began working with a sign painter. It was here that he honed his hand skills and love of type while hand lettering and building signs. After graduating from UNT with a BFA in advertising design, he worked at Robert A. Wilson Associates and then later at VHA’s in-house corporate communications department before starting his own freelance business. Less than two years into that venture, workload overtook him and he took on a partner, co-founding Propel Group. After 18+ years, his partner, who was 11 years his senior, decided he had enough and was ready to shut it all down. Not quite ready to retire, Darren accepted a position at SMU. Two years later an opportunity to reopen the design studio with a new business partner, Scott Moore, presented itself and Two Sticks Creative was born.

When Darren is not designing, he is most likely wrenching on one of his vintage vehicles or building something, or trying to talk his son or wife into joining him on a motorcycle ride. Having ridden through seven countries and all 50 states on the same motorcycle, there’s no telling where he will be headed next.


Scott Moore

Co-founder of Two Sticks Creative, Scott has been designing for over 15 years, working at several boutique design shops and agencies in Dallas before running his own successful freelance design business for 7 years. His clients range from Fortune 100 companies to small mom-and-pop’s and non-profits. He earned his BFA in Communication Design from UNT, and has a BS in Biology and Forestry from Stephen F. Austin to boot. Shortly after starting his design career, Scott joined a Army Special Operations unit, because he wanted to serve his country (and get paid to jump out of planes). He was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, doing what he calls ‘an advertising agency in combat’. Those experiences have made him a more thoughtful and capable creative human being, but also helped him know what is truly necessary in life, and what’s not.

In his spare time, Scott still serves in the Army Reserves, training Soldiers. He also loves to go camping and be creative with his wife and two kiddos, all of whom share his creative passion. That fills his 6′ 6″ frame with nothing but pure joy.