We ask a lot of questions before we put pencil to paper: Who? What? Where? When? Why? But our favorite is What if? What if  takes you to places that are unimagined, and often leads to the unexpected. Places that truly stand out among all the noise and clutter. So the next time you have a challenge, what if  you brought a creative mind to join the conversation and see what happens. Here are some samples of unique solutions born out of saying “What if?” Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and check back regularly to see our latest.

Denton Square Donuts

Storefront Signage

After the local sign company proposed a flat back-lit sign for the donut shop, the question had to be asked, “What if we built a 3-dimensional sign based on the logo?” A paper mock-up was created and easily convinced the client that was the way to go. Now, we had to build it. Lots of sawdust, paint and several spent drill bits later they had a sign that truly stands out.

Two Sticks Creative

Mobile Office

Since our inception, we agreed Two Sticks would provide the most creative and meaningful services for our clients, regardless of how the creative establishment did business. We asked ourselves, “What if we could bring the office to the clients?” Then, we bought a 31' vintage Airstream trailer. Soon we will have the ability to bring our creative space to your neck of the woods, allowing for unprecedented collaboration and communication. Besides, who doesn’t want to hang out in a vintage Airstream? Certainly will make work seem less like… work.

Educational First Steps

Auction Chair

When Educational First Steps invited us to remake an old children’s school chair into a work of art for auction, we jumped at the chance. Based on the classic, “Charlotte’s Web,” we thought; “What if we created actual spider webs with messages along with a real Charlotte?” The chair was so popular, it started a bit of a bidding war among attendees and raised the most money at the auction. Charlotte would be proud.

Parish Episcopal School

Campaign Promotion

When Parish asked us to help motivate parents and students to support a fundraising campaign for new buildings on campus, their initial thoughts revolved around traditional banners, email marketing and printed materials. As we developed the campaign brand, the idea of the new buildings literally opening up opportunities to all students came about. We then asked ourselves, “What if the delivery of the message was just as unique as the message?” That led us to create doors that were placed around campus, including the locations of the future buildings. We sourced a bunch of old doors, rolled up our sleeves and used a lot of Parish-red paint. The doors were such a hit that graduating seniors asked us to create another door for them to sign and permanently display on campus as a gift to the school.

Two Sticks Creative

Electric Motorcycle

The biggest problem with electric vehicles is range and with limited space on a motorcycle for batteries, the problem is compounded. While pondering this issue, the question came to mind, “What if we made a hybrid motorcycle that could have a couple of portable generators attached like saddlebags to extend the range when needed?” The generators could just lift off when a short commute and the stored battery power would be sufficient. In theory, the hybrid version could continuously run until the fuel was exhausted in the two generators. As soon as the prototype is functional, we will test that theory with a record-breaking cross country attempt.