Co-located at Two Sticks offices, our workshop is a space devoted to the messier side of imagination. Consider it a creative laboratory where we build, experiment and rapid prototype projects for clients and our own alike.

Denton Square Donuts

Signage Build

A local sign company had proposed a flat, back-lit, flush-mounted sign, and that would just not do. Having earned his entry into the design world as a sign painter some 20 years earlier, Darren did not hesitate to offer his services. The photos that follow document that build process. Was it worth having a donut named after Darren and free donuts for life?

Educational First Steps

Auction Chair

As part of their annual non-profit luncheon, Educational First Steps asked us and local artists to each transform a plain wooden school chair into a children’s book–themed work of art for auction. After a vote by our friends and family, the classic Charlotte's Web came out the winner. We hand painted the title and several book characters and created actual spider webs with Charlotte’s famous messages along with a real Charlotte. The hand-crafted chair was so popular at auction, it started a bit of a bidding war among attendees, raising the most money. Charlotte would be proud.

Parish Episcopal School

Campaign Promotion

As part of a multi-million-dollar fundraising campaign to build new facilities, we developed the idea of using doorways around campus to help “open the minds” of parents and students to the unlimited possibilities that awaited everyone. Part of the campaign included creating actual doors with key messages, placed at the future sites of the new buildings. It was such a hit with parents and students alike that we were asked to create another door for graduating seniors to sign and permanently display on campus.

Two Sticks Project

Electric Motorcycle Build

Who doesn’t dream of setting a world record? This is Darren’s dream, and hopefully when completed this electric motorcycle and he will break the cross country record from Jacksonville, Florida, to the California coastline that currently stands at 3.5 days. His goal is to make the trip in under 48 hours.

Dallas Veterans Day Parade

Airborne Float

We're proud of our military and our personal connection to the military, and wanted to show appreciation for that special breed of Soldiers known as paratroopers. We created a float for the Dallas Veterans Day Parade that looked like a cluster of clouds. A gigantic airborne maroon beret decked the top of our truck and a mini paratrooper with his open parachute adorned the back of the float. To add some more fun, we made a hand-held launcher to shoot little plastic paratroopers and candy into the sky that would safely parachute down to the crowd. The event was a true success and crowds really enjoyed the float. A heart-felt thanks to all the veterans who rode with us, everyone in the parade and all the appreciative folks who came out to say ‘thank you’. AIRBORNE!